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A bulletin of glad tidings ! SINO won the "Top Ten Competitive Brands in China's Power Charging and Replacement Industry 2022"

The 8th China International Electric Vehicle Charging and Replacement Industry Conference 2022 (hereinafter referred to as BRICS Charging and Replacement Forum) was successfully held in Changzhou Shangri-La Hotel. The theme of this conference is "Innovative Collaborative Drive, Low-carbon and Efficient development". Through topic setting, the conference will trigger discussion, advocate and lead the development ideas and strategies of charging and replacing electric vehicles and electric vehicle enterprises. Ignite the attention of the industry to "charging and replacing", interpret the latest confusion of charging and replacing development, interpret the opportunity and development direction.


The selection of Top 10 Brands in China's Electric Charging Industry 2022, organized by China Charging Pile Network and 100 People's Association of Electric Charging and Replacing, is based on the principles of fairness, justice and openness. The selection results were announced at the 8th China International Electric Vehicle Charging and Replacing Industry Conference.


SINO Technology stood out in the audition and won the award of "Top Ten Competitive Brands in China's Power Charging Industry 2022". This award is a recognition of the charging pile of SINO Technology, which is the crystallization of the research and development, innovation and high-quality operation and maintenance service of SINO Technology staff.


Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "entrepreneurship, innovation and extraordinary creation" and the mission of "smart electricity use and green energy use", SINO Technology has produced DC piles and AC piles with strong compatibility, stability and reliability, safety protection, waterproof and dustproof and other excellent qualities, which have been certified by national standards, American standards and European standards.

Meanwhile, based on years of research and development of building electricity and energy management system, SINO Technology has launched the cloud platform of station level monitoring system, charging network monitoring system and charging pile operation management system, and the intelligent management platform developed by comprehensive use of cloud computing, Internet, mobile APP and big data technologies. So that the management side and users can enjoy high quality and convenient charging information services.

In 2016, SINO entered the charging pile industry and became the project supplier of the State Grid, with the performance exceeding 10 million yuan. In 2017, it became the OEM product supplier of 5 three manufacturing enterprises, and formed strategic cooperation with large automobile enterprises such as National Transport Capacity and Ground Rail. In 2018, it won the national and industrial awards and China Design Red Star Award, and its products cover all walks of life in China. From 2020 to now, we have been deeply involved in operation and maintenance projects of China Southern Grid and State Grid, and realized the solution of the full life cycle of charging piles. The steady development of the company, products are exported to overseas markets, toward internationalization.

In the future, SINO will continue to take the road of green innovation, manufacture more intelligent charging pile products, and build a more intelligent and convenient charging network.

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