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Green Construction Concept Leads "Energy Consumption Revolution" in SINO Science Park

SINO Science Park, with a total construction area of 22504.39 square meters, including the office building construction area of 17,603.54 square meters, was rated as a three-star green building. SINO Science Park was completed on August 19, 2016, and won the three-star design logo of China Green Building in March 2020. In August 2020, according to the "Near Zero Energy Building Technical Standards" (GB/T51350-2019), the company obtained the first batch of national ultra-low energy consumption certification in areas with hot summer and warm winter.

When you walk into SINO Science Park, the first thing you see is a small but beautiful garden. The modern architecture, sparkling water, lush green plants, and swaying flowers crisscrossing glow. The whole building has a variety of functions, including offices, coffee shops, gyms, badminton courts... SINO employees are here to unleash their passion and intelligence.




Green ideas make green buildings

At the beginning of construction, the building was designed according to the concept of "green, healthy and intelligent". In order to realize this concept, the office building in the design stage fully consider the building's orientation, shape, use of natural energy, the space form of the building itself, green and energy-saving building materials, structural design, and through the DeST software simulation to optimize the design scheme.

Independent innovation technology to achieve green environmental protection

Use the Internet of Things to ensure that the concept of green, healthy and smart throughout the entire building life cycle. It uses SINO's self-developed SmartME building energy and equipment iot management and control platform to break through the data barriers between subsystems such as air conditioning, lighting, video, power supply, water supply and drainage, and environmental monitoring. Combined with artificial intelligence, digital twin and other technologies, it carries out intelligent control such as monitoring, forecasting, fault diagnosis, monitoring management, and environmental adaptive adjustment for each subsystem in the building. On the basis of ensuring the comfort level, optimize the operation mode of equipment, tap the potential of energy saving, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, and provide a full life cycle solution for the operation and management of construction equipment and energy.


The park uses BIM, intelligent perception, big data analysis and other digital technologies to create a new model of green construction of zero-carbon buildings through integrated application in the whole scene of green construction, such as collaborative design, intelligent production, intelligent construction site, intelligent operation and maintenance, and intelligent review, and integrated and coordinated with the green and low-carbon development of the park.


Highly integrated smart modules are used in the data room to improve power supply, distribution, and cooling efficiency. The Smart DCIM data center infrastructure management system, developed by SINO Technologies, monitors the power, environment, security, and IT equipment of the equipment room in an integrated manner, controls the running status of the equipment room in real time, and quickly locates the fault source, greatly improving the efficiency of O&M management.


SINO Science Park has fully implemented low-carbon and intelligent operation. On the basis of efficiency control and efficiency, it integrates BIPV roof photovoltaic, charging pile, carbon footprint monitoring and other functions in one, and uses idle roof resources to increase carbon sink, supplemented by green certificate trading, and finally realizes "zero carbon". Its roof is expected to be lined with a total of 150 kilowatts of installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic, which can generate 165,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, equivalent to 87 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. At the same time, the building also relies on the intelligent micro-grid management system and the chemical energy storage device in the station to efficiently match the flexible resources such as source, load, storage and adjustable load, and prioritize the local absorption and utilization of renewable energy. Combined with the regional demand side response strategy and power price signal, the building reduces the peak and fills the valley, reduces the energy use cost, and helps achieve the goal of zero-carbon operation. These "energy side revolution" measures have made the bulk energy saving rate of SINO Science Park reach more than 20%, and the comprehensive energy saving rate reach more than 50%.

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