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Highlight strength: PEVC2107 AC charging pile won the Chinese Design Red Star Award and Golden Point Design Award

The China Design Red Star Award ceremony was held at Beijing International Wealth Center. The PEVC2107 public AC charging pile of SINO(Pilot) Technology won the 2020 China Design Red Star Award from more than 7,000 entries from more than 5,000 companies at home and abroad.


Since its inception, China Design Red Star Award has been the most authoritative and influential design award in China with the largest number of participants. It is a platform to promote global cooperation and an engine to promote Chinese design self-reliance. It is known as "the only design award with international influence in China" and "the Oscar of Chinese design industry". By encouraging independent design and innovation of enterprises, the Red Star Award plays a huge role in improving people's quality of life, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and promoting urban development.


In the same month, the Golden Dot Design Awards 2020 ceremony was held in Taipei. The theme of the ceremony was "2020", which is full of changes and challenges under the impact of the pandemic, symbolizing the opportunity for change.

The Product Design judges pointed out: "This year's shortlisted works show a certain level of delicacy in the product itself. On the basis of such an average level, products with simple features and functions, easy to understand and use, are more likely to stand out among the many entries."


PEVC2107 AC charging pile won the 2020 Golden Point Design Award with its minimalist, innovative curved design and excellent comprehensive performance.

Golden Point Design Award is implemented by Taiwan Creative Design Center. With a history of 35 years in Taiwan, it is the oldest, most authoritative and most well-known professional design competition in Taiwan. It is known by the media as "the top design award in the global Chinese market" and "the Golden Horse Award in the design field". Through the professional recognition of Golden Point Design Award, enterprises are encouraged to attach importance to product design and research and development, so as to increase the added value of the brand with design power; At the same time, it also provides quality design certification for consumers and the market, so as to enhance the people's cognition of design value and design aesthetics, and jointly create a better quality of life.



So, how did PEVC2107 AC charging pile get the unanimous favor of the judges to win the Red Star Award and the Golden Point Design Award?

1.The curved surface design is unique and eye-catching

PEVC2107 adopts minimalist organic curved surface design to break the rigid image of traditional public charging pile. The curved surface naturally forms a sunshade, and the display interface is presented in an ergonomic Angle, artfully combining form and function.

2.Integrated storage is convenient and fast

The circular gun holder is integrated into the shape of the main engine, the charging cable can be wrapped around the body, and the wire and gun head can be stored together, so there is no need to customize the independent gun holder and cable storage device, which greatly reduces the production cost.


3. Dynamic lamp ring design

Integrated into the ring aperture indicator light of the charging gun storage seat, it directly displays the running state of the machine, bringing double feelings of vision and experience.


4. Modular design

Card reader, touch screen, communication module, metering module and so on are modular design, convenient for users to flexibly choose; The customized rotating shaft structure enables rapid disassembly and maintenance, reducing the product maintenance labor cost by 50%.

5.All-round protection

Built-in PE grounding detection function and temperature detection sensor protect the equipment from accidents such as spontaneous combustion.


6.Wide range of application

Suitable for a variety of scenarios, a wide range of applications, private parking Spaces, electric vehicle manufacturing enterprises and real estate development enterprises large-scale supporting can be used.


Charging infrastructure has become one of the seven major areas of new infrastructure. According to the International Energy Agency, the global private charging pile is expected to reach 12.8-245 million units in 2030, with a total charging capacity of 48-820 TWH. The number of public charging piles in the world is expected to reach 10-20 million units, with a total charging capacity of 70-124 TWH. Assuming that the domestic market accounts for 40% of the global charging pile market, the domestic charging pile equipment and service market scale will exceed 500 billion yuan from 2020 to 2030, which is expected to become one of the important drivers of new infrastructure.

SINO Technology focuses on the technology development and production of new energy vehicles and their charging facilities and supporting products, as well as new energy technology promotion services and technical consultation. At present, the company's charging equipment and monitoring and operation platform are widely used in domestic landmark buildings, real estate supporting facilities and various charging stations.

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