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SINO invites you to attend the Third Integrated Energy Service Industry Innovation and Development Conference 2021

In the new era of energy transformation, integrated energy services is an important way to accelerate the digitalization and intelligent transformation of the energy industry, and plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the energy system and the modernization level of the industrial supply chain. The white paper "China's Energy Development in the New Era" issued by The State Council Information Office mentions integrated energy services four times and emphasizes "actively cultivating emerging market players such as distribution electricity, storage and integrated energy services". It can be seen that in the future, integrated energy service will carry out related business in a more standardized main body identity. On a practical level, the integrated energy service industry has shifted from simply reducing costs to providing integrated value to users, and the market is in urgent need of policies, capital, technology and business models. From the perspective of the market, there are many participants, and the best era of integrated energy services is drawing near.

In the face of the coming trillion-scale market blue ocean, the "14th Five-Year Plan" energy work will accelerate the development of comprehensive energy services. Integrated energy services now face many challenges, because it needs to innovate in many aspects, and there are also issues such as safety, economy, policy support, leadership model and so on. To adapt to the new situation, new forms and models of business development, we will deepen the revolution in energy production and consumption and promote green and low-carbon transformation of the energy industry. State Grid E-commerce Technology Co., Ltd. and Polaris Power Network will hold the "2021 Third Comprehensive Energy Service Industry Innovation and Development Conference" in Shanghai on April 8-9. The conference will invite experts and scholars from the two major power grid companies, provincial and municipal comprehensive energy service companies, power industry and related enterprises. With senior industry experts interpreting the development status of the industry, sharing the experience of successful cases of comprehensive energy services, and exchanging and discussing excellent technical solutions as the main content, the company will provide a platform for relevant enterprises to communicate and develop business opportunities, build an energy service ecosystem together, and lead the innovative development of the comprehensive energy service industry.

SINO Integrated Energy management program will appear in the third Comprehensive Energy Service Industry Innovation and Development Conference 2021.


SINO Smart Energy and facilities Internet of Things management and control platform integrates the functions of energy management, equipment security monitoring and equipment operation and maintenance management. Through the Internet of Things perception technology and information technology, the related information of people, equipment and energy can be comprehensively perceived and connected, so as to achieve seamless connection and collaborative linkage between ubiquitous information and avoid information islands. By analyzing the use of energy and the comprehensive efficiency of equipment, opportunities for energy conservation, emission reduction and energy efficiency improvement can be explored, operating costs can be optimized, and the green and sustainable development of public buildings can be realized.


Mr. Li Jiexiang, General manager of Strategic Marketing Department of SINO Technology, will attend the conference and deliver a keynote speech "Introduction of Ultra-low Energy Consumption Green Building Design and Comprehensive Energy Operation and Maintenance Service Platform Technology under carbon neutrality".

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