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The charging pile market in Europe and the United States is in the early stage of the outbreak of domestic pile enterprises to accelerate the layout of the sea

Dongguan Securities released a research report said that under the guidance of the global carbon neutral goal, the number of new energy vehicles is growing rapidly, and the market penetration will continue to rise. Speeding up the construction of supporting infrastructure for charging and replacing electricity will help support the high-quality development of the new-energy automobile industry. Relevant national departments are strengthening the top-level design for the development of the charging infrastructure industry, and will continue to optimize the planning, layout and construction of the charging network. At the same time, with the rapid growth of new energy vehicle sales, the charging pile market in Europe and the United States is in the early stage of outbreak, and the demand will usher in a significant increase. Domestic pile enterprises are expected to enjoy the dividend of rapid development of global charging pile industry by virtue of high cost performance.

The rapid growth of domestic new energy vehicles drives the accelerated development of supporting facilities.

The number of new energy vehicles in China reached 13.1 million in 2022, and is expected to reach 21 million in 2023 and 40 million in 2025. With the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging, it is urgent to accelerate the construction of supporting infrastructure such as charging piles. In recent years, the industrial policy of charging pile has been introduced continuously, which requires the construction of charging and replacing network to be promoted vigorously. In 2022, 2.593 million charging piles were added nationwide, with 5.21 million units, up 99.07 percent year on year, and the ratio of vehicles to piles was 2.5. Assuming that the pile ratio goes down to 2 by 2025, there will be a gap of about 15 million units.

The overseas market has broad prospects, and domestic enterprises are accelerating to go overseas.

With the rapid growth of new energy vehicle sales in Europe and the United States, the demand for supporting construction of charging piles is strong. According to the IEA, in 2021, the ratio of bus piles in Europe and the US stood at 15 to 1 and 18 to 1, far behind the domestic level. At present, the supporting infrastructure construction of the new energy vehicle market in Europe and the United States is obviously insufficient. Countries are expected to accelerate the development under the promotion of policies, and the overseas demand for charging piles is significantly increased. Domestic charging pile enterprises are accelerating their overseas market layout, which has more cost-effective advantages compared with European and American domestic charging pile enterprises.

High voltage fast charging has become the trend.

Charging convenience and shortening charging time is one of the pain points in the development of new energy vehicles. The accelerated application of fast charging technology is very important to promote the rapid development of new energy vehicles. At present, policies of various countries actively promote the development of fast charging technology from top-level design, and the proportion of fast charging pile is expected to gradually increase in the future. High voltage fast charging technology is the mainstream choice for automobile enterprises to achieve fast charging at present. 800V high voltage platform models will be launched in 2023, with a promising prospect.

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