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To prevent the occupation of public charging piles, it is necessary to rely on both consciousness and governance

Nowadays, new energy vehicles can be seen everywhere on busy roads. Newly released new car sales figures show that the proportion of new energy vehicles in China increased from one in eight in 2021 to one in four in 2022, meaning that one in every four new cars sold will be new energy vehicles. Accordingly, no matter in the community, around the business area or beside the road, more and more public charging piles have been built. The mobile phone program for the convenience of citizens to know the location and use of charging piles has come into being.

New energy vehicles which save energy and have environmental protection functions enter the market, representing and highlighting the good trend of the development of our country's automobile industry, in just over a year, the proportion doubled, the data show that new energy vehicles are indeed favored by the majority of consumers. In addition, with the improvement of new energy vehicle functions and manufacturing technology, its share in the automobile sales market will have a faster growth. The growth of the proportion indicates that there will be more ownership of new energy vehicles in daily life. Then, a problem to be faced is that related supporting services and facilities should also "keep pace with The Times", and as the most basic supporting equipment - public charging pile, should meet the needs of users of new energy vehicles.

Special new energy charging piles should also have special charging parking berthing, never allow fuel vehicles or other non-new energy vehicles to occupy, even charging new energy vehicles, fully charged should also leave the parking berth in time, convenient for subsequent charging vehicles into the parking berth for charging. Most of the special charging piles for public new energy vehicles will set up corresponding prompt signs to remind the vehicles that occupy the space and those that still don't give up their parking space in time after charging can consciously abide by the relevant regulations, forming a virtuous cycle of use. Of course, there will be many owners who can strictly abide by and consciously implement the corresponding prompt content.

According to the report, a new energy vehicle owner surnamed Li, who went shopping in a large shopping mall, searched through the App and found that two charging piles were idle. However, upon arrival, she found that all the charging parking Spaces were full and there was no "idle" at all. The charging pile is close at hand, but because the parking space is occupied, Ms. Li can only "look at the pile and sigh". Therefore, it is difficult to prevent the occupying of public charging piles only by relying on individual consciousness. On the basis of relying on individual consciousness, it is also necessary to rely on some mandatory governance means and management methods. It is more necessary to adopt the legal provisions of comprehensive treatment to punish the vehicles that occupy the space for a long time and maliciously, so as to make them pay a certain violation cost, so as to facilitate the timely charging of new energy vehicles.

To strengthen the management of new energy public charging piles, the relevant management departments should not only pay attention to, but also pay attention to, not just set reminders and warnings. At the same time, through more advanced and intelligent research and development design, upgrading the functions of supporting equipment, integrating digital management and remote monitoring, etc., it will also help resolve the contradiction between parking resources and charging needs, rationally share the public space occupied by fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, and expand more consumer markets for future new energy vehicles. Create favorable conditions and create a more convenient consumption environment.

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