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Yantai, Shandong Province: 5w charging piles and over 8k charging stations will be built by 2025!

According to the latest news of Yantai city, last year, Yantai sold more than 13,000 new energy vehicles, a year-on-year growth of nearly 70%. Whether charging can be more convenient and faster becomes an increasingly prominent problem.

Wang Rui: What we are seeing now is a distribution of the charging infrastructure in Yantai City. At present, a total of 3155 charging infrastructure has been built in Yantai City, basically achieving full coverage. At the same time, our state grid company has achieved full coverage of high-speed service areas within the scope of Yantai, as well as towns and villages.

Wang Rui: Here we are at Longhai Home Public Charging Station, which was put into operation in January, 2023. This parking lot is specially built for charging electric vehicles. Currently under construction is the second phase, a total of 18 charging guns. This charging station can be used to charge 28 electric vehicles at the same time after completion, which can effectively fill the gap of no charging station in Happiness District.

Citizens Wang Jinhui: used to run to the periphery, the furthest time to run to the yellow or south Yao side to charge, now at home can charge, it is much more convenient.

Wang Rui: This charging station is 28 DC fast charging stations, which can effectively improve the charging speed. You like the home 7 kw AC pile, a charge time is in 6-8 hours, 60 kW charging pile charge only takes about 1 hour.

Xu Yongjie, ride-hailing driver: I'm charging for an hour now. I'm charging 30 yuan. I'll be gone in 20 minutes.

At the beginning of the year, the Implementation Opinions of Yantai Municipal People's Government Office on Strengthening and standardizing the management of electric vehicle charging Infrastructure was issued, which took effect on March 1. The goal is to have 50,000 electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the city by the end of 2025. Specific plans include: new or expanded public parking lots and scenic parking lots, the proportion of rechargeable parking space is not less than 20%; The proportion of rechargeable parking Spaces in newly built residential areas shall be no less than 15%, and no less than 10 in old residential areas; The parking space of charging facilities in tourist attractions shall not be less than 20%.

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