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The number of Tesla's global super charging piles has reached 40,000

According to foreign media reports, Tesla confirmed that the number of its Supercharger worldwide has reached 40,000, making it the largest DC fast charging network operator in the world.

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Tesla's supercharging network has played an important role in its success. When Tesla entered the electric vehicle industry, it was still in its infancy, but the automaker realized early on that if it wanted to succeed, it couldn't rely entirely on third-party charging infrastructure to charge its vehicles. Instead, Tesla has invested in its own DC fast-charging network, or supercharging network, as a way to control the charging experience for car owners without having to rely on other companies to keep up with its electric vehicle development plans.

After 10 years of development, the Tesla Supercharge network has become the largest and best DC fast charge network in the world. On Nov. 22, the company announced that it now has 40,000 supercharging points in more than 4,000 locations around the world. And the network is still expanding, with Tesla adding more than 10,000 supercharging points this year.


In addition to opening new charging stations, Tesla plans to make some important changes to its charging network. For example, the company is gradually opening its supercharging network to non-Tesla vehicles. With this move, Tesla is becoming the world's largest provider of electric vehicle charging services. So far, the company has opened hundreds of charging stations across Europe and plans to roll out similar programs in North America.

Tesla also recently opened up its charging connector design, which is used on all supercharging piles in North America and which the company hopes will become the new charging standard in the region. In addition, Tesla is developing a fourth generation of supercharging piles, which are expected to have higher peak charging power and be convenient for non-Tesla owners.

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