EV Charging Solutions aim to help your business to attract more customers with competitive solution, improve your commercial property and reach sustainable goals.

Charge with FAST HORSE

Charge with FAST HORSE

.Powerful and scalable, conductive DC charging infrastructures up to 360kW

.Easy handling and adaptable to your needs

003.jpgGOODBYE FOSSIL FUELS & EV Charge Points Benefiting Your Business

Our experts are able to deliver the most suitable solution for your business to maximize your revenue and reduce operational costs. Depending on different functions and locations, highly tailored charging solutions are what we pursue. If you are looking for a seamless charging experience for all users, FAST HORSE is here to help.

EV MADE EASY  & Carbon Neutral Goals

While OEM´s are switching their production towards electric vehicles in order to reach the carbon neutral goals in EU, publicly accessible charging stations become a major requirement. CPOs, whether utilities, energy companies, petrol stations, urban or retail hubs, need to ensure to stay on top of the carbon neutral goals and have your charging infrastructure up and running while complying with the high-power-charging-requirements from the current and future electric vehicles.

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